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Student’s reviews from Facbook:


  • I gotta say Derek is a great teacher. We used to call him ‘Mr story’ . Because there were many funny real experience from him…that’s much fun :) Learning is not ‘Burden’ any more. (Eric)
  • I highly recommend Derek, as a professional english teacher to everyone. He made the process of the preparation for my exam not only efficient but also interesting! I literally enjoyed his lessons, and was looking forward for the following ones! (Andrea)
  • he is the best and funniest teacher in the world!!!!!!!! (Bodza Virág)
  • Briefly: Cool, Fun & Useful..:-) (Eva)
  • He is the best english teacher I’ve ever met! His classes were awesome! I learnt so much from him. We laughed a lot, and everbody enjoyed the classes, because his sense of humour made it unforgettable. :D And he likes pálinka which is a very important fact in Hungary ;) (Ákos)
  • Del is one of the funniest persons I’ve ever met…His classes are great, he explains clearly. He is a really good teacher. I definately recommend him! Thank you for all the wonderful classes. (viki)
  • Derek is a great teacher, makes studying English very easy and fun! Pays a lot of attention to individual skills, issues and progress – great choice of you want to learn the language! (Adri)
  • Great teacher!!! my english lessons were wonderfull the best I had to come in Hungary to find somenone that teach english very well..after years in italy where i had to study english without be interested and in boring class. So thanks a lot Amazing Teacher !!!! ps i love teacher that spend time with you outside in informal way, you can learn more and Dell is this kind of teacher: it’s imposible to be annoyed:))))) grande prof!!!! (Cochele)
  • If you really want to study english and you dont want to waste your time and money on different “language schools” you should just ask this perfect Teacher to help you, and you will be absolutelly satisfied, I guarantee it. (Dániel)
  • I’ve done a lot of lessons with Derek: his lessons are nice, funny and really really useful! Dell is a great teacher! :) (Mario)